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Superoids is a hybrid arcade shooter game that takes Asteroids' gameplay and mixes it with SUPERHOT's gimmick to move time only when the player moves. The game was made for fun within the span of a few days and features nothing more than, well, a simple game of Asteroids.

Game was coded in GameMaker Studio 2.3, sprites were made using Aseprite, sound effects were generated using Chiptone, and the space background image was found while randomly scrolling through Google Images with the search term "planets 4k". Don't bother asking why.

- Basically everything Asteroids has but with time manipulation
- Your own personal highscore board
- A toggleable retro filter featuring scanlines & chromatic abrasion
- (wait isnt that called chromatic aberration)

- Arrow keys to move & rotate
- Z to shoot
- X to make the ship's rotation slower (for precise shots)

- Asteroids stop increasing in numbers when the player reaches level 12
- Once the player has reached 10000 points, a flying saucer will have a 2% chance to spawn on either side of the screen everytime an asteroid is destroyed
- Unlike the original Asteroids game, saucers can also destroy asteroids, so keep an eye on where it shoots to avoid getting hit
- There is currently no reward for hitting 999999 points, so don't even bother going that far

- Ammo counter
- Ability to view highscore board from the menu
- Ability to send the ship into hyperspace
(teleport to a random location on the screen)
- i don't know actually this game has everything it needs already

If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions, please contact me via Discord DMs (Krizis#0742).

[P.S. the screenshots were rushed just so i could quickly publish the game lol i'm not sorry]

Install instructions

  1. Install the .zip file
  2. Extract it wherever you want
  3. Open the .exe file inside
  4. Play the game
  5. Lose the game
  6. Rage-quit
  7. Uninstall the game
  8. Think about whether you want to play it again because it looked fun
  9. Come back to the game's page
  10. Repeat


Superoids 2 MB

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